Enhanced Blood Conservation

ProCell® is the first and only medical device to automate surgical sponge-blood recovery for intraoperative autotransfusion (IAT)

What is ProCell®?

ProCell® is a unique medical device that brings innovation and automation to the surgical sponge-blood recovery process. It is sterile, compact, disposable and comes fully assembled right out of the box.


How Does ProCell® Work?

Drop in sponges, replace lid, attach suction and ProCell® does the rest. The lid automatically deploys in a downward direction effectively extracting the blood.


What are ProCell® Benefits?

ProCell's automation increases efficiency while eliminating the potential occupational health hazards of hand-wringing, hand fatigue, and messy blood splatter. ProCell® represents a new standard of care.


ProCell® Features

A welcome addition to the operating room table

Innovative technology that is easy to use

Enhances blood conservation

Multiple deployments during its single case use

Compatible with any hospital’s existing IAT equipment

Powered by standard O.R. vacuum suction

ProCell® closes the IAT technology gap

Frequently Asked Questions



Average decrease in LDH compared to hand-wringing


Average fluid recovery in
30 seconds*


Decrease in blood splatter

*Results based on simulated test using water

Products sold by ProCell Surgical Inc. are covered by one or more of the US patents below and their counterparts in other countries and patents pending.  If you need more information, please contact us at info@procellsi.com.

Patent #’s: 9,199,009; 10,039,867