What is ProCell®?

ProCell® is a patient blood management device for intraoperative autotransfusion (IAT). ProCell’s Sponge Blood Recovery Unit facilitates the extraction of blood from surgical sponges as a preliminary step in the IAT process.


How Does ProCell® Work?

Drop the surgical sponges into the open basket, replace the lid and attach standard O.R. vacuum suction. The lid automatically deploys in a downward direction effectively extracting the blood from the surgical sponges.


What are ProCell® Benefits?

A study showed the use of ProCell® had an average reduction in LDH of 37% compared to hand-wringing.

LDH is a marker for hemolysis (or the destruction of red blood cells).


ProCell® Features

Improves workflow and encourages better patient blood management practices

Enhances blood conservation

Eliminates potential occupational health hazards

Powered by standard O.R. vacuum suction

Innovative technology that is easy to use

Can be used repeatedly during a single patient use

ProCell® delivers an overall improved patient outcome

Represents a new standard of care

Frequently Asked Questions



Average decrease in LDH compared to hand-wringing


Average fluid recovery in
30 seconds*


Decrease in blood splatter

*Results based on simulated test using water

Products sold by ProCell Surgical Inc. are covered by one or more of the US patents below and their counterparts in other countries and patents pending.  If you need more information, please contact us at info@procellsi.com.

Patent #’s: 9,199,009; 10,039,867